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Reverse Dutch Auction Deals! Prices for road bikes starting as low as we can go!

While fair weather and clear roads are done for the year it's still a good time to get a new road bike and keep in shape for next Spring. To close out the road season we're having a Reverse Dutch Auction on our remaining road and hybrid bikes from 2019!

A reverse Dutch Auction means that the prices are the lowest they will be right now and will go up every 2 weeks until they are back to full price - the best deal on any of these bikes is right now, so don't wait! With all the savings on the bike you could get an indoor trainer to keep riding through the winter and be in top shape come spring - our entry level magnetic trainer from Tacx is only $199.99. These are some great opportunities to make your Spring riding goals a reality when the prices are lowest, grab an awesome Christmas present for someone (while saving some $$$)... but act fast!

Marin Gestalt (aluminum road), sizes 50 cm, 52 cm, 56 cm, 60 cm Nov. 1 - Nov. 16 $750 Nov. 19 - 30 $850 Dec. 3 onwards - $950

Marin Gestalt 1 (aluminum road with upgraded parts) size 54 cm N0v. 1 - Nov. 16 $875 Nov. 19 - 30 $975 Dec. 3 onwards $1075

Marin Nicasio (steel road) size 58 cm Nov. 1 - Nov. 16 - $650 Nov. 19 - Nov. 30 - $750 Dec. 3 - $850

Marin Fairfax (21 speed flat bar road) sizes XS and S (fits adults, but also a great option for older kids over 4'11") Nov. 1 - Nov. 16 $375 Nov. 19 - 30 $450 Dec. 3 onwards - $550

*Only the above listed currently in-stock bikes are eligible for this sale, while supplies last. Special order bikes do not qualify.

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