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The YETI Program Rides Marin

YETI participants ride San Quentin 1s for the first time.

The YETI Program at PCSS is all about giving kids in our community outdoor adventures and experiences. When the program went looking to expand their mountain bike program this year they chose an awesome new bike in Marin's 2019 line - the San Quentin. It's a hardtail mountain bike (that means a front suspension fork but no rear suspension) that has been designed to ride modern mountain biking trails. Having no rear suspension keeps the cost down and makes it accessible for a new rider budget, but it still confidently handles the job of flying down trails and taking some jumps with geometry and gearing more like an all-mountain bike than a traditional hardtail.

Summit Cycles and Sports carries this bike in house - we brought them in specifically with new mountain bike riders in mind since they give the features you need to get started and have fun at a cost way lower than your entry-level full suspension. We decided to visit the YETI Program to hear from some brand new riders what they thought of riding their San Quentin 1s!

Both riders at the session were brand new to mountain biking, but were eager to learn and try out the skills in their lesson with the program director, Jason Fisher. They picked up a huge variety of skills in the 30 minutes we were there - most importantly they were having an awesome time, which was super clear by the huge smiles on their faces and their enthusiasm to learn even more and ride some new trails next week.

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