Ski Equipment


Winter Repair Services

Winter is here!  We tune skis and boards, plus binding mounts for nordic skis.

Now sharpening ice skates!  $5 per pair.

Bike Repair Services

We offer full-service bike repairs all year round - see our full price list for bike mechanic services by clicking here.

Ski/Board Tuning Services



Essential for getting your equipment to glide smoothly over the snow - can be done as a stand-alone service if your gear is in good shape.

Basic Tune


Includes edge sharpening, detuning and waxing. 


A great tune to start the season if your gear is in decent shape.

Major Tune


All the services in our basic tune, plus P-tex repair.

A great tune option if your gear has seen some use and needs some fills on the base.

De-lam and Core Shot


Have some big gouges or layer separation?  You might need to start with a de-lamination and core shot repair before you move into a tune-up.