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Policies, Warranties & FAQs
1 New Bike Maintenance Package
1.1 What does Summit Cycles provide for service with their new bicycles?

At Summit Cycles we provide a complimentary 1 Year Tune up with all of our new bike sales.* This can be used anytime in the first 12 months after purchase and covers the labour of a Full Service. If you've ridden your bike a lot and need to replace parts, the cost of parts would be extra but the labour for installing and adjusting the replacement parts is included with the 1 year tune.


BMX bikes see a very different use and tune up cycle and are the exception to a single 1 year tune with purchase, BMX bikes get 2, medium tune ups included with their purchase.


*Our 1 Year Tune applies to bikes purchased in store only, online purchases of bikes Summit Cycles has not assembled and directly delivered to the customer do not come with a 1 Year Tune.

2 Warranty Policies
2.1 How does Summit Cycles support warranty for the brands we sell?

At Summit Cycles we stand behind all the brands we sell as being quality however in all manufacturing processes there are situations where products don't hold up to their expected life span. The warranty coverage varies between brands and Summit Cycles will provide complimentary warranty support for products that we've sold and have been used within their designed usage. Warranty claims may have shipping, labour or parts fees associated with the claim. Ultimately warranty claims are at the discretion of the manufacturer and may be denied - while this is beyond our control we will work with the manufacture and our customers to do our best to get them back out using their equipment as fast as we are able to.


Warranty coverage, process and turnaround times vary by brand. 

2.2 Darn Tough Socks

Summit Cycles & Darn Tough Socks Warranty:

We do our best to process Darn Tough Socks warranties in store. While do do carry a wide variety of Darn Tough socks we don't necessarily have all styles, models and colours available all the time. We are almost always able to provide a replacement pair that matches the: weight, height and cushion level of the sock being wawrrantied. Warranty socks carry a $2 fee per pair to cover our staff time in processing warranty claims and submitting them to Darn Tough on your behalf.


For warranty consideration Summit Cycles requires:

- A clean, matching pair of Darn Tough Socks

- Name & contact information - this is only used to track warranties internally and not shared with Darn Tough.

If you're unfamiliar with their warranty please see below. 


What is Darn Tough's Warranty?

"If they are not the most comfortable, durable, best fitting socks you have ever owned return the pair to us for another pair."


Things that are not covered

Socks that disappeared in the laundry, or that the dog ate, or got too close to camp fire, or were lost due to theft by friend or foe, or singles - we only warranty pairs (single socks are not accepted).' Socks that have been dyed or otherwise altered or worn around town without shoes - weird we know but someone has done this.

3 Trade-In-Size-Up Kids Bike Program
3.1 What is Summit Cycles' "Trade-In-Size-Up" program?

We believe that kids should have good bikes to ride if they are going to have fun cycling and keep riding as they grow up. We also realize that kids grow fast and good bikes are expensive to buy as your kid keeps growing. This is why we have our Trade-In-Size-Up program for kids bikes.


How does the program work? 

Any new bike or 'Trade-In' bike, not marked as 'Final Sale,' can be traded in by the original owner for up to 50% of the pretax purchase price in credit towards a larger bike for their growing youngster.* The cap of 50% will be reduced based on wear and tear - cosmetic or parts replacements needed for us to re-sell the bike.


Bikes that are traded in will be repaired and resold to other youngsters. This is a program that we run to get more kids on good bikes - traded in bikes are sold at our cost of repairing them. Once we've had a bike traded in a few times we will mark them as "Final Sale" or repair them and donate them to local community groups who support youth programming or low income families. 


*Some restrictions apply, please see in store for full details.

4 Price Matching
4.1 Does Summit Cycles offer price matching?

We generally price match any manufacturer direct sale or promotion. For example; if Outdoor Research or Maxxis Tires is offering '25% Off' directly through their Canadian website we will be matching that in store. Online price updates get missed sometimes so if that's the case please send us an email and we can correct the online price.

Price matching for other non-manufacturer direct promotions will be considered on a case by case basis for Authorized Canadian retailers of a given brand.


Please reach out if you have any questions.